Small Parcel logistics & distribution solutions

Reinventing Residential Last Mile Delivery Solutions For E-Commerce Brands, Retailers, And Small Parcel Shippers

The Future of Small Parcel Distribution is Now

The meteoric rise of e-commerce combined with the growing ease of access to local consumables forces a strategic shift in Last Mile delivery. Consumer expectations are evolving and competition is fierce. Winning brands are able to provide reliable yet economical last mile delivery with industry leading verification and consumer visibility.

We are investing heavily in technology, innovating the nexus of reliability, visibility, security, and consumer experience:
  • Constant scanning throughout the parcel life cycle

  • Product movements are geo-tracked and geo-confirmed, ensuring the right parcel is delivered to the right location every time

  • Industry leading routing and optimization technology

  • Full chain of custody, real-time visibility and exception handling

Leveraging a national distribution infrastructure to reach nearly every U.S. address:
  • Strengthening e-commerce and retail brands

  • Improving consumer post-purchase experiences

  • Operating 365 days per year

  • Disruptive pricing structure to guarantee long term stability and predictability